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This web-site is to help introduce you to TICA  (The International Cat Association) and to provide UK-specific information about TICA which complements that on TICA's official web-site.  TICA is an international cat registry and show licensing organisation that has licensed TICA shows in the UK since 2004.   As a result of the phenomenal growth in TICA within the UK, TICA’s Board agreed to create a third European Region on 1 May 2009 and the UK forms an important part of the Western Europe Region.

Showing with TICA is an exciting, enjoyable and very different experience to other cat show formats that have been around longer in the UK - it’s been described as like attending several cat shows all on one day and in the same hall ! Exhibitors also comment on how relaxed and friendly our cat shows are, how much fun they have, and how much they enjoy being able to stay with their cats all day.  You do not even need to be a member of TICA to show your cat.

The multi-ring format of TICA cat shows means that each ring counts towards a title, and so it is possible to get your cat made up to Champion (or perhaps even Grand Champion) in a single show. But these are not easy titles - even at Champion level your cat must compete against cats of other breeds to earn a place in the Finals.

You can also show your household pets (or moggies - as they are affectionately called by some) with TICA. Right from its foundation in 1979,, TICA has ensured that household pets can earn titles in exactly the same way as pedigree cats.

On this web-site, you can find out more about how a TICA show works and the forthcoming TICA cat shows.  For a cat's first show, you don’t even need to register it with TICA (unless it is classified by TICA as a New Trait or a New Breed). For overseas exhibitors, there is a guide to the UK Pet Passport scheme - as from 1 Jan 2012 it is even easier to come to a UK show. 

As a cat has to be registered with TICA to earn either TICA titles or Regional/International Awards, on this web-site you will also find useful information about registering your cats with TICA and how to register a cattery name (the TICA term for prefixes).  There’s a special discount (the Registration Incentive) if you import at least 5 cats into TICA at the same time as registering your cattery name.

Since 2004, UK TICA clubs have organised many enjoyable and successful cat shows in the UK. As a result, many UK-owned cats have featured in the Regional Winners lists each show year for the Northern Europe (EN) Region of TICA, Also in July 2008, cats from the UK first achieved the prestigious title of International Winner, reserved for the Top 25 exhibits in each of the categories (Cats, LH Cats, SH Cats, Kittens, Alters, HHPs and HHP Kittens) across the whole of TICA. September 2009 saw the first UK cat to earn TICA’s ultimate show award - a Lifetime Achievement for consistent excellent show performance across multiple show years.

In May 2009, the Western Europe region was created and so International and Regional Awards are now featured on the region’s own web site.

There is also a Yahoo group open to anyone interested in showing and registering with TICA in the UK:

Click here to join TICA-UK
Click to join TICA-UK

I hope that you find the information on this site useful and informative.  If you have any suggestions for additional content, then please contact me.

                      Phil Cornwell
                      Regional Director
                      TICA Western Europe Region

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