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2008 -2009 Show Year
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The small print

In 2008/2009, some 50% of the Northern Europe Regional Awards went to UK exhibitors in each of the 5 categories: HHP Kittens, HHPs, Alters, Kittens and Cats (Allbreed and LH/SH).

In addition, there were a record-breaking nine International Winners from the UK.  Congratulations to the following cats, kittens and alters -  and also their owners.

Congratulations also go to the first UK cat to earn TICA’s ultimate show award - a Lifetime Achievement award - for consistent excellent show performance over multiple show years:

LA SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly
(owned by Teresa Cornwell)

LA SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly

16th Best International LH Cat: RW SGC Angelur Viking
(owned by Karen McLaughlin)

18CAT Angelur_viking02

Photo by Krissi Lundgren

18th Best International LH Cat: SGC Cooncreole Paavo
(owned by Jo-Ann Gibson)


22nd Best International LH Cat: SGC Noracoon Famous Fred
(owned by Pat Lister)


25th International Best LH Cat: SGC Mabalakat Cleopatra
(owned by Fiona Nicholls)


15th Best International SH Cat: SGC Sensay Speciality
(owned by Sue & Tony Yates)


20th Best International Kitten: Kiskasiberians Krasik
(owned by Karen McLaughlin)


(Photo by Krissi Lundgren)

9th Best International Alter: RW SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly
owned by Teresa Cornwell)

14A_SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly_RD

12th Best International Alter: RW SGCA Fiordiliso Centopercento
(owned by Alison Cogan)


14th Best International Alter: SGCA Lebreton Eclipse
(owned by Alison Cogan)



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