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The small print

in December 2012, Phil Cornwell was elected by members of the EW region to serve as the Regional Director from 1 January 2013 for a three year term.

Phil’s role is to manage TICA as one of the Board of Directors, and in the Region to promote TICA and to assist people in registering with TICA and claiming titles.

If your query is not covered by the information on this web-site and you are within the UK, Republic of Ireland or Iceland, then please contact him for assistance at this email address.

If you are outside Western Europe, please contact the appropriate Regional Director as shown on the main TICA site.

Please remember that Phil has a full-time job, a home, cats and family as calls on his time as well as TICA..  He does try to answer emails promptly, but there are times when this is not always possible.

For contacts within TICA clubs in the UK, please see the clubs page for links to their web-sites.


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