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Regional Winners 2006/2007 - UK Alters
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2006/2007 Alters

On this page you will find the Regional Winners for 2006/2007 from the UK in the Alter category.


4th Best Alter:
SGCA Zehnder’s Stella by Starlight

Owner: Val Davidson

4ALT_SGA Zehnder's Stella by Starlight_AB

5th Best Alter:
RW SGCA Bald N Beautiful

Owner: Jennifer Briggs

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)


14th Best Alter:
SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly

Owner: Teresa Cornwell

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)

14A_SGCA Corcats Hello Dolly_RD

17th Best Alter:
SGCA Shandatal Queenofhearts

Owner: Shirley Talboys

17ALT_SGC Shandatal_ Queenofhearts_BI

18th Best Alter:
QGCA Koonikki Vulcan

Owner: Julie Wagener


19th Best Alter:
SGCA Samantha D’Abeila of Trappistini/FI

Owner: Delsa Rudge

Photo by Krissi Lundgren

19ALTSamantha dAbelia of Trappistini

20th Best Alter:
SGCA Bastian Talvji of Trappistini/FI

Owner: Delsa Rudge

Photo by Krissi Lundgren

Bas & Sam photo

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