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Regional Awards - UK Winners 2006/2007
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Show Year 2006/2007

2006/2007 was yet another excellent year for UK exhibitors - with 33 UK cats becoming Regional Winners in the Regional Awards for Northern Europe.  Here are the winning cats, and on other pages you’ll find the alters, HHPs and HHP Kittens.  You can also see photos of the UK Awards Dinner in December here.

3rd Best Cat, 2nd Best SH Cat:
QGC Nudedudes Picos Blue

Owner: Jenny Briggs

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)



7th Best Cat, 4th Best LH Cat:
SGC Wildroads Apollo

Owner: Robin & Sue Hart-Jones



9th Best Cat, 5th Best LH Cat:
SGC Woodycoon Amenti

Owner: Martin & Ros Wood


(Photo by Ros Wood)


17th Best Cat, 11th Best LH Cat:
SGC Kaleido Tina’s Special D Liv Ear/FI

Owner: Janet Green

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)


18th Best Cat, 12th Best LH Cat:
Angelur Viking

Owner: Karen McLaughlin

Photo by Krissi Lundgren

18CAT Angelur_viking

9th Best SH Cat:
SGC Salatana Sisco Kid

Owner: Lindsey Wright

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)


11th Best SH Cat
RW SGC Adtresh Golden Dreamer/GB

Owner: Lynne Hedlund

(photograph courtesy of Bob Fox)

Adtresh Golden Dreamer

15th Best SH Cat:
QGC Starwindsuk Painted Tapestry

Owner:Philip & Adrienne Morgan



19th Best SH Cat:
QGC Goldlay Worth Thewait

Owner: Marcia Owen

19SH QGC Goldlay Worth Thewait

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